Modification Request

Please note: You need to submit as much detail as possible of any modification, such as drawing, size, dimensions, and type of materials to be used. Specifications / diagrams should be attached to this request

List address and phone if outside contractor is to be used
Additional Contact Information

Please read the following carefully before submitting:
1. Actual construction must be performed by a licensed contractor who is insured. All applicable codes and regulations will be followed and all necessary permits will be obtained at the coowner(s) expense.
2. If I / We the co-owner will be performing the actual construction, I / We agree to submit exact specifications and a detailed description (and drawing if necessary) of how the installation and/or work will be completed.
3. All maintenance costs of this alteration/modification will be performed at the co-owner(s)
4. This alteration/variance/modification is subject to all requirements of the By-Laws, occupancy agreements and other applicable regulations at the Board of Directors discretion.
5. Any maintenance costs incurred by the Association, as a result of this modification/variance/alteration, will reimbursed to the Association by the co-owner(s).
6. Decks/patios cannot be installed over drainage walls or sprinkler systems. In the event the deck/patio interferes with the surface drainage or sprinkler system, co-owner(s) understand that it
will be required to correct the drainage or sprinkler system to the Associations satisfaction at the co-owner(s) expense.
7. Co-owner understands that should any legal or regulatory agency require, at any time in the future, modifications to this variance, they shall be done at the co-owner(s) expense.
8. I understand it is my responsibility to advise future co-owner(s) of this unit of the modification and their responsibility for the same.
9. I have read all applicable sections of the By-Laws and understand them.
10. All of the above information is truthful and accurate.

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