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About Us / Our Philosophy

With over 45 years experience in Association Management, John P. Carroll Co. Inc., offers Innovative Solutions to your most common Management concerns and problems. It is our belief that an association should not only select a managment company for long term effectiveness, but should also look to a management company for leadership, dependability and creative solutions to everyday problems. Our emphasis is on maintaining a long term relationship to ensure the stability and integrity of your property.

An Integral part of the John P. Carroll Co. philosophy is our positive, “Can Do,” attitude towards service, towards co-owners and towards you, the Board of Directors. This attitude is a requirement of any employee or subcontractor our firm hires and translates into a high level of customer satisfaction. Effectively servicing residents is the most difficult aspect of property management, and in this we excel.

We also believe to succeed in business you must have strong partners. For Associations, the most important partner is your Management Company. At John P. Carroll Co., we realize the significance of this partnership and we value the trust you place in us.

As Board members you have indicated your concern and dedication to making your Association part of an efficient and prospering community. As your partner, John P. Carroll Co. pledges the same dedication to designing and achieving the goals necessary for a successful community.